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Cotswold Cycling Breaks

Cotswold Cycling Breaks is  dedicated to giving you the opportunity to cycle some of the most picturesque lanes in the South Cotswolds.

Here’s a flavour of how good cycling in the Cotswold’s can be:

You love a bit of burn but, like me, you’re really a weekend cyclist and want a healthy break, take in some beautiful countryside and dispense with a few cals.    At half way, you’re booked into a lovely country pub for lunch. If you need them there’s also some energy bars, a tool kit and a few spare inner tubes. To ensure you relax whilst having lunch, we’ve even left a bike padlock. (Just don’t forget to hand it back when you leave!)

Once you get back to The Ormond we have a dedicated internal space for the bikes and we’ll put them in there once we they’re cleaned as part of our complimentary valet service! Then after a relaxing shower you can replenish those burned calories with locally sourced produce from our delicious menu.

Oh and one last thing; I think even Sir Brad once said “a few drinks wont hurt you” and if you have some of our fantastic Stowford Press cider you’re simply having one of your five a day!

Visit our dedicated Cotswold Cycling Breaks website


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